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Creative Thinking
With Thomas Edison

You'll soon get your creative thinking muscles in gear with the Master Inventor, Thomas Alva Edison

Creative Thinking with Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison's contribution to creative thinking is immense and YOU can immediately benefit from the techniques that he used to become the most famous inventor of all time. To unleash your own creative genius and inventive power, start to apply the following Thomas Edison ideas and attitudes in your own creative thinking sessions:

Focus Your Creative Mindpower
The way to increase the power and force of anything is to compress and focus its energy to a point. The same principle applies when you are working with creative mindpower. Thomas Edison believed in his creative power to manifest an idea and bring it to fruition -- even when all the odds were against him. He knew that with focus, effort and absolute determination, he could achieve what he wanted to achieve. By focusing your mind on a creative challenge and drilling into it with greater and greater intensity, you WILL unleash the immense powers of your creative ability and your thinking WILL uncover amazing new solutions. Edison swore by and lived by this principle.

Work On Ideas Or Themes That Are Being Worked On By Others
Thomas Edison knew that an idea before its time would founder on the rocks of outright rejection. So, he deliberately kept his mind trained on projects that were already being explored by other inventors and scientists. Other people were trying to invent an electric lightbulb that would work effectively at the same time that Edison was. You can apply this principle by putting your creativity to work within your existing industry and trying to extend and improve upon the current tools, systems and ways of operating. You can also take existing inventions and apply them to different industries. A current example is the growth in online video. We've had offline video and DVD for quite a while now. And then a creative genius like Steve Jobs comes along and twists his existing product to give us the ipod video. And that in turn unleashes the creativity of internet-focussed people to better the hosting and distribution networks, create new software for program creators and bring the expense of film-making and online distribution right down so that creative individuals can vlog new programming, internet marketers can utilise the new vlogging medium to market their products and so on.

Excitement Is the Juice Of Creation
Thomas Edison was not only a creative genius. He was street smart and canny with it. He knew that a clever idea is no good unless you can sell people on it. He invested a lot of time and creative ingenuity in making sure that people (the paying public) understood and were duly impressed by his new inventions. New ideas take a while to catch on -- and the more excitement that is generated around an idea, the greater enthusiasm is aroused to embrace the new idea. Consequently, Thomas Edison was very passionate about his creations and went to great lengths to demonstrate them in the most exciting, impressive and memorable ways. Being creative demands your enthusiasm, your best and most bubbling energy. You have to stir yourself and get yourself whipped up into an enthusiastic, joyful, passionate and excited state. With this heightened energy you are empowered to think creatively, to sparkle and be brilliant. The first and foremost person who needs to be sold on the value of a new idea is YOU. By overcoming the inertia of your comfort zone, you can make joyful breakthroughs into new, uncharted and virgin creative territory. Ideas! Wow!

Imagine new ideas, dream inspirational dreams...

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Thomas Edison compiled over 3500 notebooks detailing his ideas and experiments and pourred his thoughts onto over four million pages of notes during his lifetime. It's an inescapable fact that all the great creative minds have been writers, notebookers who record their observations, thoughts and ideas. By writing your ideas down, scribbling your observations and thoughts, you create a feedback loop with your mind that accelerates and accentuates your creative mindpower. Writing down your thoughts with words and sketches gives massive encourgaement and impetus to creative thinking and you should begin immediately to apply this most simple of Edison's creative thinking techniques. Leave a legacy of your insight, creativity and observations on life, your special interests and everything that amuses you.

Experimental Feedback
Thomas Edison applied his creative thinking, putting it to the test through trial and experimentation. Ideas are just ghosts until given flesh and blood through action. As an inventor, Edison knew that the initial idea was raw and needed refining through increased knowledge. And the only way to increase knowledge was through experience. And experience was gained through experiment. By experimenting, Edison could observe what happened when he did a certain thing in a certain way with a specific set of parameters. He could observe cause and affect, action and reaction. He could then change the parameters slightly and notice how those changes affected the experimental results. And such is the creative life. Have idea - Test idea - Note result - Tweak idea - Test tweaked idea - Note result - continue as neccesary. A marketer may have a creative idea for a marketing campaign. She has to put it into action and do a test campaign to know whether it is as good an idea as she hopes. The results come back in. The idea will be tweaked to see whether the results can be improved on subsequent tests. Each test gives vital new information on the worth of this marketing idea. Depending on the results that are generated the idea will be dismissed or put into wide spread use. Feedback is essential to the creative process of improving upon existing and new ideas.

Toughen up, knuckle down and prepare to slug it out. Your best creativity will often come at the end of your tether. The same holds true for brainstorming. If you quit too soon, you may leave your best ideas hidden in the recesses of unexplored minds. Remember the classic story The Field of Diamonds... and keep digging. Edison is famously quoted as describing creative genius as "2% inspiration and 98% perspiration". He also declared "Many of life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up." So there it is. I won't say never give up, because there is such a thing as flogging a dead horse -- but make sure you see your best ideas right the way through to their fruition.

The Idea Quota
Thomas Edison bequeathed a wonderful motivational tool for attaining a great quantity of creative thinking output, and that his concept of an 'Idea Quota'. By the time of his death in 1931, Edison held 1,093 patents, a record for an individual. He phenomenal output was down to his personal Idea Quota which demanded that he come up with a minor invention every 10 days and a major invention every 6 months. Read that again and let it sink in. Now think about how YOU can use this to stimulate your own productivity. The fact of the matter is that your brain responds to the demands placed upon it. If you start to expect to come up with a quantity of good ideas and you have an idea quota to meet, then you can be damned sure that you will start to think at a higher level! Don't slop along hoping for one great idea every few years; raise your game! Aim for a great idea a day, a brilliant idea a week, and a knock-your-socks-off idea a month!

Power Napping
Thomas Edison slept little and topped up his batteries with what he refered to as powernaps. He would just climb up on a workbench and have a nap for twenty minutes. He soon noticed a funny thing though. Great flashes of insight on a particular problem seemed to come to him during these powernaps. He soon refined the process realising that his creative thinking went into overdrive in that space between being fully awake and fully asleep. He trained himself to remain in that in between state for longer and longer. Nowadays we know that he was accessing the alpha and theta levels of mind. Today you can meditate, do the silva mind method or use a mind machine or biofeedback system to access this creative level of mind. For a brilliant and incredibly entertaining way to master the process of accessing these deeper levels of the creative mind, I can recommend The Wild Divine personal biofeedback adventure training system.

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Systems and Teams/Mastermind Alliance
Thomas Edison knew that when it came to creative thinking, two heads were better than one. He was a master at organising and utilising the creative abilities and talents of others in very focused creative pursuits and projects. Edison's dynamic and forceful character galvanised the enthusiastic young team of bright minds that he attracted to his Menlo Park "Invention Factory". You can see that Bill Gates has done a similar thing at Microsoft employing the brightest young minds to work on his team. Companies like Google follow the same principle. By working with a team of creative people you can exponentially increase and improve your creative output. But it does require that there be systems in place that allow for that creative explosion and focus it in specific and valuable ways. By forming a mastermind alliance with others you can create a symbiotic relationship in which creativity flourishes extraordinarily. You can also use this idea in a slightly more arcane fashion by assembling an inner council of heroes and mentors from any time in history, with whom you have imaginary dialogues and from whom you can receive advice on your creative challenges. This is essentially a method of bypassing your conscious mind (and editor) to access your deeper creative talents which are symbolised by the members of your inner council. Don't ignore this as it is definitely worth experimenting with (don't worry, they won't cart you off to the nut house!).

So there you have it, a few powerful ideas from the great inventor Thomas Alva Edison which can help YOU access that immense well of creative energy and talent that lies within you. As Edison switched on the lights in our world, may he illuminate your personal path to greater creative thinking and may you in turn come to leave as wonderful a legacy of ideas, products and inventions as he has.