Creative Thinking With...

Image Streaming: The ultimate creative thinking technique

Image Streaming, invented by Win Wenger, is one of the great modern techniques for accessing your highest powers of creative thinking...

Image streaming unleashes the powers of your unconscious mindpower for unrivalled creative thinking excellence. Win Wenger invented image streaming and its effectiveness as a process for accessing higher mind insights and creative bolts from the blue has been established by the thousands of people he has trained in this creativity technique. To get a thorough understanding of Image Streaming, I recommend that you get the audio course The Einstein Factor. However, here is a bare-bones description of how YOU can use image streaming to not only boost your IQ, increase your awareness and muster your mindpower but also pop the cork on all the creative juice that is simmering inside waiting to be tapped!

How to practice Image Streaming
If you are going to practice image streaming alone, you will need some way of recording your voice. So either use a small hand-held voice recorder, or sit in front of your PC and use your PC mike (if you have one) to record onto your PC. If you are practicing with a partner, they can listen and record your observations and talk to you about them afterwards. Personally I find using a recording device more satisfying and freeing.

Okay, so you need some quiet time for 5 to 15 minutes. Turn your mobile phone off, put a do not disturb notice on your door, and get comfortable. You can darken the room, you can lie down if you want (but if you are likely to fall asleep, better to remain seated). So close your eyes. And begin to calm your breathing, making your breathing soft and velvety smooth. Do this for a minute or so until you start to feel yourself becoming calmer and more settled within yourself. This process is akin to the shift from beta to alpha brain waves spoken of in courses like the Silva Mind Method.

Begin to focus on the inner screen of your mind and become aware of the stream of consciousness that is occurring there. And immediately begin describing out loud what you are seeing (remember to record this) and try to use and engage all your sensory modalities to capture and describe fully what you are experiencing in your mind.

For instance, if I close my eyes now, the immediate image that is present in my mind is... a bakery scene, with an oven immediately in front of me with several metal sheet shelves pulled out to various degrees and on these shelves there are freshly baked pitta bread (Middle-Eastern flat breads). I can smell the delicious fresh bread, and feel the warmth on my cheeks and heat waves rising from the bread curling upwards and carrying that mouth-watering taste and deeply comforting smell into the air and into my nostrils. The metal trays make a tinny clanging as they are moved, and they are marked and slightly corroded in parts with use, scrubbing and baked on burn marks. And I can imagine them in my hands, and I am washing them in hot soapy water and I shudder and get a feeling go up my spine as I feel my fingertips and fingernails scrape against this metalic uneven surface of the tray...

So there you have a rough description which engages all of the senses of vision, touch/feeling, sound, taste, smell and so on. When you are describing alone into a recorder you will find that your descriptions can flow and evolve more fluidly.

After you have done your image streaming, you can then play back the recording and listen to your description or discuss it with your practice partner. This is an essential step and mustn't be left out. By listening to your audio recording you create a feedback loop with your brain that stimulates intelligence and creative functioning. Make sure you do this step.

Creative Thinking with... IMAGE STREAMING

Image Streaming for Creative Beakthroughs
So that is basic image streaming. Now, how do you use image streaming for creative thinking? Image streaming alone will increase your creativity, but you can use specific techniques to focus your image streaming in very functional ways for deliberate creative thinking and idea generation. Win Wenger and his Project Renaissance team have obviously developed many specific techniques and strategies to use with Image Streaming to squeeze the most from this technique and if you are curious enough to try this method of creative thinking, you would be advised to read some of his books on the subject or explore his audio programs. Here are the techniques that I have employed with image streaming to beneficial effect.

Question... and ANSWERS!
How easy is this? Just preface your image streaming session with a specific question. Try and load your question so that it will encourage the mind to seek the best answer. In other words, it's a bit like a conversation -- you don't want to ask questions that only require a yes or no answer, you want to draw the other person out so that they can answer in detail. The same thing with your mind, try and burrow in... if you find your image stream answers are too broad, then ask another question that gets more specific.

The Creative BOO!
Here is a technique to create a surprise factor and bypass the conscious mind and it's internal editor (or Squelcher as Wenger refers to it!). Basically you set up a visualisation scene in which you are going to get a surprise - the surprise being an answer or image stream creative idea that you hadn't expected. Going beyond the expected is what we are after. So you might visualise a lovely garden scene with a big wall around the garden and you jump up a high as you can to peek at what is the other side of the wall and you gasp as you see...? Or you may come to a doorway that is covered by a curtain and you pull back the curtain to reveal...? Or you fight your way through thick forest or jungle and then stumble into a clearing where you are met by...? Let your deeper unconscious mind surprise you. And as with the central premise of brainstorming, agree not to judge anything that comes and make sure you describe what is there, not what you think ought to be there, should be there, or you'd prefer to be there. Let your deeper mind speak to you.

Future thinking, backwards from tomorrow!
This technique is basically using image streaming to time travel to the future, look around and describe what innovations you see. You know, we are really only here for a very short time and we are really very full of ourselves and our accomplishments. This absorbtion with our own time and problems blinds us to the fact that there is so much more to come! What we think is fabulous today, will seem so primitive in some future tomorrow. And most of us will be entirely forgotten within a few years of our deaths (if not months, weeks or days!). Putting that rather morbid thought aside, let us step into eternity to cherry pick at will from the innovation and creativity of other times and drag it back to today where we can inject that freshness into our own time. Simply set up your image streaming thus...

What will I be doing in 25 years time? What will transport be like in 2050? How will people and society in the year 2200 be different from today, and what will they think of us? Etc...

It is worth exploring time thousands of years ahead, just to see what your image streaming comes up with. However as you become more comfortable with "mind time travel" you might find it more fruitful exploring the next 5-40 years as the innovations you come upon may relate more easily to our time zone. You will have a hard time selling ideas that are too far ahead of what is currently considered within the realm of possibility. (See also: Remote Viewing To Steal Creative Ideas From The Future.)

Twists on this idea include travelling back in time to see how past civilisations or great minds might have met challenges creatively, or even travelling through the Universe in an inner Star Trek adventure to really push back the boundaries of creative thought and innovation.

Image Stream Dream Team
One last suggestion: use your image streaming in association with the idea of an inner council of your heros and mentors. The Mastermind alliance idea promoted by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich is such a great tool for accessing your unconscious mind and it fits so snugly with image streaming. Research and assemble the people that you want on your dream team, and then visualise the meeting, the assembly of your advisors and set up the purpose of the meeting by stating your objective and the line of creative thinking that you interested in pursuing.... And then basically let the thing run and just describe where your image stream leads to. It will flow off in all different ways, sometimes focussed on the meeting and discussions of your group of inner mentors, other times meandering off and presenting you with different scenes and experiences. Use the meeting place as an anchor point to return to, a bit like the central station in a mind map, and your creative thinking will blossom in all kinds of unexpected ways.

Image streaming is a fantastic way of tapping into your creative genius, harvesting your frequent dips into sheer brilliance, and creating a relationship with your supermind that allows it to communicate better with you. Interpreting your image streams may seem hard at first but be sure to cultivate a certain "confusion endurance" and trust that what you are doing will have massive benefits as far as your creative thinking is concerned. It won't take long for you to start to appreciate this great creative thinking technique and the torrent of genius that it will unleash in YOU!